Black Vacuum/White Planetside

0101 - Troubles on Bron

This was the first real session of the forum game “Space Trials and Tribulations”.

In this session we start with Zygmunt (Zyg) Granat walking around Pantenga on Bron when he spies trouble brewing down below in a large market area as a noble and some of his goons are harassing the people in the market place.

Trouble really begins when an offended Rolando Maximillion kicks things up a notch. A fight breaks out between the noble and his goons and Rolando and another woman, Miranda Hargrove. It is when the noble turns to face the woman that Zyg realizes the noble is none other Mazus Black, a high-up scientist from Malum. Zyg is an escaped expirement from Malum and is being hunted by Mazus, unbeknownst to him.

The fight ends with all the bad guys down or seriously injured and Rolando KO. Miranda leads Zyg (carrying thte KO Rolando) back to a safe place she knows, the home of Cornelius (Zap) Jaxon.

0102 - Cornelius' Pad

The party is all holed up in the (for now) safe home of Zap. The group learns each others’ names and become acquainted with their stories.

The group then makes plans on how to find out more information on Mazus Black.

0103 - Looking for Trouble

The party splits up to accomplish various information gathering tasks.

Rolando scours the bars and flop houses of the docks for snatch and snatches of information. He succeeds in getting the contact number for Mazus and his goons here in Pantenga on Bron.

Zap cases the starport (Farrington Yacht Club) where Mazus Black landed his ship . Zap notes the increase security in general and about the starport from the day’s earlier gun play.

Zyg continues his near god-like hacking of the net, securing information, passcodes, and planting useful false information in the starport’s system.

Miranda makes everyone feel awkward when she tries to dance with the boys.

Eventually, everyone comes back together and a plan is hatched to steal Mazus’ ship.


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